September 9, 2020


While Mowing
A thought occurred in my front lawn,
and I paused my heated mow.
"Wouldn't dandelions be so lovely
if they were only hard to grow?"
--published in Eucuyo '91, Euclid High School's literary magazine

Of course, the second part of this storyline won't be written now. It's a shame I don't get to see what happens. But everybody dies, and there will always be places and experiences missing from anyone's life – the world has too much beauty and adventure for one person to see. I will miss marriage or children, blossoming careers and lives moving on. But I'm not alone in my life being cut short, and I think my time has been pretty good.
Truly inspiring article from a person who won't live to see the end of quarantine. He also expounds on these five points:
  1. the importance of gratitude
  2. a life, if lived well, is long enough
  3. be vulnerable and connect to others
  4. do something for others
  5. protect the planet
I know I have trouble with "be vulnerable", there's no shame in it but I don't deeply grok its value.