Whoops! There Goes Me Muff!

Growing up my family had The New Yorker Album of Drawings, 1925-1975.

So gorgeous:

I don't really remember this but I feel obliged to throw in this detail from Steinberg taking on the orchestra:

Finally, the one that really had me undertake this scanning...

For some reason that really hit with my family, maybe reflecting our juxtaposition of down to earth roots that still sometimes appreciated the "finer things" but sometimes we kinda stumbled over those roots... "Whoops! There Goes Me Muff!" became a family catchphrase. (Also maybe because "Muff" is one of those words that sounds naughty but isn't.)

I feel an intense pride, Robert, that I live in a country rich enough to have war and peace at the same time.
This one I didn't recall, but damn if it doesn't describe the weirdness of the early-90s and mid-00s.