November 20, 2020

A few weeks ago I got a cheap bright yellow silicone case for my phone. (easier to find when placed down on a surface!) I decided to use black tape to make it more bumblebee like:
I already mentioned how I stole a bumblebee design (but bought these earrings) and made a lock screen :
(I lowered the Bee so it wasn't obscured by the currently playing podcast or music widget.) Anyway I added these two charming bees as well:
At first they were facing outwards, but the way it zooms out when you swipe up from an app made it look like they were flying backwards... this is much cuter.

Incidentally I had a heck of an irritating time in both Acorn and Pixelmator trying to do some basic pixel-centric layer clipping and rearrangement... maybe I should try sticking with Piskel online...