March 10, 2021

One of the few videos of "Groove is in the Heart" live that has the hip hop break live... often they just play the recording (at least for that part) and have a cardboard sign with Q-Tip's head. As always Lady Miss Kier's dancing is amazing.

However long I live here I will never come to think that my liberty requires military hobbyists to have unfettered access to high-powered weaponry. If civilian gun ownership is supposed to be a protection against the power of an overmighty state, it's at best symbolic. If it's for protection against other citizens, it doesn't seem to be working. Sentimental fidelity to eighteenth century civic norms doesn't seem like a good trade-off for Sandy Hook.
Hari Kunzru in Harper's, noting how people from other lands who see the levels of shootings here know it's not a difference in the character of the people, it's the guns.

The word "honesty" is used as a kind of weapon in everyday conversation. When someone says "can I be honest with you?" you should always say "No".