May 13, 2021

We often have to explain to young people why study is useful. It's pointless telling them that it's for the sake of knowledge, if they don't care about knowledge. Nor is there any point in telling them that an educated person gets through life better than an ignoramus, because they can always point to some genius who, from their standpoint, leads a wretched life. And so the only answer is that the exercise of knowledge creates relationships, continuity, and emotional attachments. It introduces us to parents other than our biological ones. It allows us to live longer, because we don't just remember our own life but also those of others. It creates an unbroken thread that runs from our adolescence (and sometimes from infancy) to the present day. And all this is very beautiful.
Umberto Eco

We do put bras on if the family requests. And the reality is I've probably put on more bras than I have taken off.
Really enjoyable if incredibly morbid video! I do have strong doubts about the specifics of a typical USA funeral - all this rigamarole to try to fake up a lively-looking corpse, and then hang out with it for a bit, but only in specific ways, seems unnatural to me, along with the urgency of trying to keep the coffin all watertight and pristine, but still, great video.
Why do paedophiles always have beards and glasses? What is it about that look that children find so sexy?
This is joke is in horrific taste but it is the only one from the GTA IV comedy clubs that has stuck with me.