May 25, 2021

Been fooling around with a mobile app "Prisma", high-powered, sometimes AI-backed filters.

People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along?
Rodney King
It's a shame that sentences gets mildly misquoted and in a joking way, because the sentiment is so sincere and important.

I dunno. Maybe it's my solid impregnable solid core of ego afloat on fluffy clouds of different vapors of privilege. Intellectually I see how people need to part ways for their own protection but in my heart of hearts I just see a lot of people struggling for good causes. I mean objectively they're not all good causes and sometimes they conflict but personally I don't encounter real malice that often, at least not that I can recognize.
One of the invitations and, I think, perhaps the main invitation of this poem is to go beyond the technicalities of the poem, to go beyond the language of the poem and the beauty of the poem and to actually go and taste something -- a peach perhaps, or a strawberry, whatever you like -- and then to gather all of the seasons and life and sadnesses and joys and laborers and people who worked and the consideration of the story, all gathered into the taste of this sweetness -- and then, to let that taste itself be a poem that you're living in.

(grabbed FB's avatar-message-display thing because it seemed to be particularly on target)