June 1, 2021

Tweet thread on why holding contradictory impulses ain't a problem in Trump-land. Because what it is the freedom to believe whatever the hell you want regardless of facts... "COVID is a Chinese plot but also a hoax"? Why not both? "The Capitol was attacked by antifa but Ashlii Babbit was a hero patriot." OK! "Trump should be praised for giving us the vaccines! And the vaccines are dangerous!" Sure!

As long as you're in on the support for the guy at the top, the ringmaster of this circus of full-throated nonsense, you can do all the clowning you want and feel great about it! Trump will tell you you're the best.
For such an interesting time (vaccines! birthday! new house!) kind of a mundane second every day...

Mesmerizing how steady juggling is... also The Kid Should See This looks like a great resource of kid-friendly science and culture videos.
I LIKE being stupid. You see things clearly. Being stupid is like squinting through the sunlight.