July 8, 2021

On my devblog, the potential trauma of 'on this day' features, and the general weirdness of taking memory in that kind of seasonal cross-section.
Sophie pointed me to Pitch Meetings - like CinemaSins but funnier. Definitely wouldn't need to binge too too many at once, but each one really points out the weirdness and plot holes of the film it's focused on in a funny way. Mocking film plot holes is tight!
My friend Sophie made WaPo's current-event song parody of the week!

I helped with a few of the lyrics and some of the shooting (I tossed vacation props to her Dr. Fauci) and a few other misc things, like the layout of the hypodermics on the title.
It has been determined that Humans are no longer an endangered species. Earth is no longer a restricted zone and open hunting may begin.