July 18, 2021

John Hodgman's animated detective series "Dicktown" features thinly veiled versions of him and co-creator David Rees.

Honestly I feel a little called out by the hoodie/cargo shorts representation, though a parody of me would always be in sandals, not those socks and sneakers.

It does make me wonder, what non-athletic shorts for men carry any dignity. I think about how James Gandolfini's Tony Soprano got flack in the real world because a Mafia figure of his stature wouldn't wear shorts. They lack gravitas! But man, they're just so much more comfortable in the summer.

I mean, part of my privilege (at work and around town) is that no one really cares how I look. And I'm not sure if John Hodgman's character's outfit including khakis and even a jacket is much better, really. But still.
I get the autobiography reference of "I, Robot" but "Mind and Iron" would have been a great name too.

You see how oppressed Americans are by the drab bland colors of our cars and houses.
if it helps to know, you are loved by the earth who asked you to be here with it for just a very little while

I really like the line work on my new tattoos...