December 2, 2021


Open Photo Gallery


via Vanessa Mourao (photo by her husband)

Older shot, playing around with b+w backgrounds.

Three factoids:

From Cracked:
The show [Thunderbirds] was shot using a technique invented by program creator Gerry Anderson called "Supermarionation," where pre-recorded vocal lines triggered sensors in the heads of carefully crafted marionettes and moved the puppets' lips in sync with the dialogue.
(I had heard of Supermarionation (not to be confused with Super Mario Nation) but didn't know quite what it was.

Then two from Tom White's traditional 52 things I learned in 2021:
Until 1873, Japanese hours varied by season. There were six hours between sunrise and sunset, so a daylight hour in summer was 1/3rd longer than an hour in winter.
Now THAT is a beautiful way of reckoning time!
Short afternoon naps at the workplace lead to significant increases in productivity, psychological well-being and cognition. In contrast, an extra 30 minutes sleep at night shows no similar improvements.
And that one seems like it might be useful... in theory I have everything I need to add that into my life now, I just need to figure out the optimal strategy...