January 1, 2022

2021 One Second Everyday - my ninth year doing this project.

As usual, much tuba/band and protest stuff. New house stuff starts in February! My Sisyphus project early in the year, and vaccines shot, where weirdly I seem to be wearing the same shirt. Evidence of a lot of fun summer outings! Also many shots of Dean throughout.
This leads me to a second insight: The deep truth of being human is that there is no objective experience. Our brains are not built to measure the absolute value of anything. All that we perceive and feel is colored by expectation, comparison, and circumstance. There is no pure sensation, only inference based on sensation.
I don't think I live that truth as deeply as a lot of people, because my strongest impulse is to try ensure I'm as aligned with the shared subjective and/or absolute objective truth as possible.. but I recognize that is just my form of the same kind of ultimately subjective reality.
i absolutely regret not taking more pictures during travel whoever said youd appreciate your trips more without taking so many pics was dead wrong