februrary new music playlist

genderqueer etc pop rock
I think they were on SNL.

Life Goes On
Kinda gospel-twinged hiphop.
On an epsidode of Awkwafina is Nora from Queens.
Junior Walker & The All Stars
Awesome R+B.
An article about where did the high pitch sample used in K Pop / that "Jump Around" song come from cited this as a possibility.
New Orleans
The Blues Brothers & Louisiana Gator Boys
From the Blues Brothers 2000 sequel... an all star band.
During the Beatles Get Back documentary, I wanted to learn more about Billy Preston, I guess he made this song?

Come Back Home
Seotaiji and Boys
Classic K Pop... super strong Cypress Hill influence...
Watched a video "K Pop Explained" (was disappointed the video didn't get into KPop fans rallying as a force for social justice online...)
Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight
Sha Na Na
Sha Na Na was such a weird bid of 50s/60s greaser nostalgia of the late 70s/early 80s...
I remembered this song randomly saying goodnight to Melissa.
Surfin' Safari
The Beach Boys
Classic surf song.
I am kind of obsessed with why every version I can find is "some honeys will be coming along" and "singing our song" instead of the version on the McDonalds promotional tape I grew up, "some honeys will be making the seen" / "put on my faded blue jeans"...
It's Not My Fault
Princess Nokia
I got to thinking about her old song "Tomboy", looked to see what she was up to.

Rock Tonight
Altitude Music & MC Justo
Hiphop from the Ronny Cheng youtube special
Let It Be
Aretha Franklin
Melissa really likes this cover. The original of the song is pretty important to me.
Gotta Move
Barbra Streisand
via a Bud Light Ad during the Superbowl
Eleanor Rigby
Ray Charles
Not quite the same version from this Strong Covers Vol 1 episode of Strong Songs, a great podcast breaking down music and showing how the sausage was made...
Master Kohga Battle
Manaka Kataoka
Videogame music from this video about fooling around in Breath of the Wild
Bah Bah Conniff Sprach (Zarathustra) [Single Version]
Ray Conniff
This weird 2001-cover was used in a Superbowl ad

Mary, Mary
One of those songs I heard quoted a LOT in the 80s/early 90s ("Mary Mary, Why you Buggin?") but maybe never heard? Sought it out after I read about the Amen Break - this beat from the Monkees was on a small record of reusable beats
California Love
2Pac featuring Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman
One of the songs I didn't know much about from the Superbowl show...

Amen "Break"
The Winstons
The original beat that launched 1,000 hip hop songs, as seen on this cracked article on the Amen Break
Charles Mingus
Eze is arranging this song for JP Honk to cover.
Dark Eyes
Stanley Black and His Orchestra
Another song JP Honk is experimenting with... though we're not trying it as a Tango, like this is...

Your life's continual task is to build your death. You are *in* death while you are *in* life: when you are no more *in* life you are after death. Or if you prefer it thus: after life you are dead, but during life you are dying: and death touches the dying more harshly than the dead, in a more lively a fashion and more essentially.
Montaigne (via)

The law is not science, it's jazz. It's a series of iterations based off a few consistent beats.
Elie Mystal
As Kottke points out, Conservative originalists know this, but they hide their prejudices behind the notion that the text is immutable.

And of course now conservative activist judges turn it into something like free jazz, breaking whatever precedent in order to enforce their vision of how authoritarians think the world should be.
I wish people had a 30 second trailer so I could see what I'm getting myself into.