new music playlist for march

April 8, 2022
Music I added last month - pretty good selection, really. A lot from that "Inventing Anna" documentary...

Ukraine Russia War
Catchy little tune making the rounds in praise of the Turkish Drone being used by Ukraine forces to destroy Russians from the sky.
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
Bobby Darin
High energy version of old classic, grabbed it after playing it at a mardi gras gig. Fun for me to sing solos to.

Fictional Aisle
Tall Boy Special
Funny song about impossible or at least very unlikely foods, from Dog Eggs to Celery Farts and Reverse Watermelon... From a tiktok where one of the musician's partners is amused by it from the other room.

100 Miles and Running (feat. Wale & John Lindahl)
Funky hiphop (I think sampling "Apache" ala Young MC's Know How) with some TRULY incredible stunt-FAST lyric delivery (go to like 5:17)

Hiphop do heavy samples of James Brown esp "Good Foot", found it on the Netflix "Inventing Anna" series about Anna Delvey.
Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!
Kay Kyser and His Orchestra
Novelty WW2 song, the title has been in my head for awhile, probably inspired by thoughts of Ukraine.

Young Fellaz Brass Band
Great NOLA Street Music - big stuff.
Own It
Rico Nasty
Hiphop from that "Inventing Anna" documentary.

East West
Omer Agca
Excellent little "middle eastern" crossover(?) beat used when Anna Delvy goes to Morocco in that Netflix documentary.

Always Be You
Montaigne & David Byrne
I love the idea that "A Writer At Pitchfork Critically Said [[David Byrne]'d Collaborate For A Bag Of Doritos", and I know Montaigne from her MBMBAB cover. I like the line about This Daniel Kitson quote which is astonishingly beautiful.

La La Blues
Pokey LaFarge
Sophie mentioned this song when I brought up Bill Bailey... guess LaFarge is known for doing this old style really well.
Drum Cadences
The Ohio State University Marching Band & Dr. Jon R. Woods
This SNL skit on OSU's cover of Don't Stop Believin' made me search... I didn't go for the song but the drumline from the same album. is pretty dope. "Do you guys hear it? Its TUBAS playing the BASSLINE! Like, who thinks of that?"
Drunken Sailor (feat. Bobby Waters)
This tumblr video - a farmers sea shanty - made me look for a cover of this song (which I sang in Elementary School) I do love the seep bass voice of the guy singing on this...

Friends Like Us
Danger Twins
Kinda corny retro honky tonk piano modern piece that I heard playing at a CVS.
Raising Hell (feat. Big Freedia)
Somehow this video made me want to hear some bounce music, so I looked around - this song is a nice mix.

Florence + the Machine
"We argue in the kitchen about whether to have children, about the world ending, and the scale of my ambition" is a helluva lyric, recommended from here on the McGST blog

Really interesting mini-comic with a GREAT physical/visual metaphor for resiliency (err, in the good sense, don't want to get into the discourse of how it sucks that people have to be resilient.)

It's very similar to the Two Big Things that helps me get along: one is the idea of Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D......Plan Z. Whatever. With the assurance that I might not get the Plan A or B I want, but it's unlikely that I will even get to C or D. But it's ok if I do, I'll survive.

Which brings me to the second of the Two Big Things: I'll survive. And also, I won't survive! Nothing is Life or Death; everything is Life AND Death. And through a lot of thinking and mindfulness (and writing my own damn comic book) I've come to peace with how This Too Shall Pass, whether I would prefer it pass or not.