Sunglasses I have known

Small follow up to my "glasses I have known" dig yesterday, this time for sunglasses. Sometimes it seems odd to me I survived all college without sunglasses.

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I had this one goofy pair of mirrored round circle sunglasses in high school. I remember feeling weirdly objectified wearing them during a sadly rainy trip to the amusement park Cedar Point, and the girls in the group would use me as a mirror to check on their late 80s hair.

I remember getting these springy clipons at Cohens Fashion Optical at the Cambridgeside Galleria, inspired by Rebekah's glasses. Fun fact: you can see these glasses today, they are being worn by a gargoyle sitting in front of our condo.

Moved onto magnetic clip-ons.

Switching to half-frame regular glasses, I also switched to prescription sunglasses. Curiously small, and kind of bleh.

Larger but kind of generic ones.

Oh man I loved these shades from Eye-Q. Bought two pair. Know I lost one in the Atlantic Ocean doing parasailing...

I love mirrored sunglasses. Maybe its a cyberpunk thing? I got these tinted purple-blue to match the main colors of my band.

I've switched to wearing my cheaper Zenni yellow mirrorshades. Shown here with my full quarantine look.

(reminds me of how the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result, but that is also the definition of practice...)
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