June 9, 2022

30 years ago, we used to say (ok I said), studying AI will make you believe in god. Programming BIOS will make you believe nothing so evil could exist to create this universe. My continued practice in computers and security has firmly set my belief that we are in fact living in the bad place. The deep magic has bee turned to evil.

Those in the notes that claim to know semiconductor design, have never seen ghost pixels from fast rise time during video refresh, or off by one stack corruptions deeply embedded into code only teased out with hardware emulators.
I command daemons in far way lands, with spells, to create illusions. (Software build tools for a VR game, just the tools, not the game dev).

If your science is so good tell me the position and velocity of an elementary particle. Or predict if a general purpose Turing machine will halt.

It is hubris to claim to know what is unknown.