July 21, 2022

Welp, got my weeping in for the day.

"Over the Road" was an enjoyable podcast series by and about long-haul truckers. In this followup entry Eulogy for a Friend, host Long Haul Paul (musician and trucker) talks about losing his friend and fellow musician Shoestring Waugh to a blood clot - trucking is hell on a body. But before that loss, Waugh lost his son to a drug relapse after 5 years clean and sober. The podcast includes the song "It Comes In Waves", a mourning of that son, which I found deeply moving.

Well it comes in waves
It comes in waves
But I'll be all right
I'll be all right

My son
My son

She heard a crash...

See how I can deal with it on my playlist...
Good webcomic about the black trucks, punisher logos, and disgraced American flags.

Too I've been meaning to post the podcast where Sam Harris talks with David French - they come from very different places culturally but make a very good dialog. In particular I was struck by the talk of the Southern "Honor Culture".

Honor ties in too with what I've been thinking about authority and culture. I guess in my ideal world it would be conflated with expertise, but in the real world, well, Cartman's "RESPECT MAH AUTH-OR-I-TAAAAY" hit home for a reason.

And another recent tangent I've been pondering... what exactly is "worship"? Or "praise". It seems as nebulous and intangible as "honor" (and is probably related) I guess it's all this realm of "affirm your obsequiousness and commitment to obey, in light of your esteem of". In the case of worship, a higher being (often but not always divine), in the case of honor... it's almost like a demand for similar respect of one's self.

Marc Antony's Speech in an Appalachian Accent - the analysis and comments are really intriguing.