August 19, 2022

The other thing too I always come back to... and I know that [Trump], bizarrely, and again you can't make this up, before he got into politics he was a well-known occasional figure in pro-wrestling? Which you really can't make up. But I've always thought that professional wrestling really does explain Trump's view of how the world works. It's not quite fake, but it's also just, you just say what you want to have happen and then that happens. If the plot line is that the other guy wins the title, because the ref got distracted and looked the other way, and our hero got hit over the head and lost his championship belt, that's Trump losing his presidency. The hero who lost his belt can just sort of stamp his feet and get the crowd behind him and then steal the belt back and now he's the champion again. Right? And he thinks everything works that way. You just say what you want to happen and it happens and nothing is really based on actual cause and effect, it's all just like he thinks you can screenwrite the whole whole world, which is sort of how Pro-wrestling works, and that's why people like to watch it. Most people understand that that's, you know, fiction.