November 8, 2022

This impressionist uses deepfakes to make an awesome video If you are face blind (or just face myopic like I am) this is a much less compelling video. Like when he grows a mustache, sure, but otherwise it's just, like, more face, different angle.

I think the central fantasy of Atlas Shrugged is that it is full of characters who are loved and valued for the thing that they most value about themselves. It is a book that is not just about a meritocracy, it is about a *Meritopia*. It is about people who get the things they want because they are the best at what they do. This is CENTRAL to the story.
What is the same in [Atlas Shrugged and the Fountainhead], and what I think you are pointing at in your ask, is that the horrible characters are loved for the things that they love about themselves, and all of their unloveable traits don't matter.
I've known some people really into Atlas Shrugged, despite in not really jiving with their worldview, or at least my understanding of it. And also they'd skip the chapters-long speeches.