November 10, 2022

The Articles of Interest podcast is running a series "American Ivy" - the first episode was about the 1965 Japanese book Take Ivy, that kind of cemented the preppie/ivy look.

That look is interesting - a few years ago when I read how fashion had seemingly slowed down a lot, and some of that was "Gap" khakis etc, making a kind of aspirational look affordable... that probably has its roots in "Take Ivy".

So for the series the podcast re-did its theme with collegiate a cappella, and they picked the Tufts Beelzebubs, of course. And I know I'm being petty, like back when Tufts had 3 established groups I was hanging out with #4, sQ (and had to fight for survival). So Kudos to the Beelzebubs for popularizing the kind of stuff they do, but boy they do have that Eton School / Bullingdon Club energy.
If it gives you the power, why would you oppose it?
Fascism and authoritarianism in a nutshell.