goodbye friend

Melissa and I had to say goodbye to our dear kitty Dean today - (given his medicine regimen over the past few years we weren't taken unawares but the speed of decline this past week and then this last day were a shock.)

He was such a sweet and snuggly cat. Melissa was thinking of a younger female cat when she first went to the shelter but Dean The Love Machine's (the shelter's nickname for him) head boop was irresistible.

And he was brave! Fellow cat people were impressed by how out and about he was when we had folks over for my birthday...

So here are some photos. I think the biggest compliment we had as his Humans was when someone pointed how relaxed a cat he must be, showing his belly to the world like that in this one photo...

(title is a little riff on a "hello friend" greeting Melissa often used for Dean)

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