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June 1, 2024


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too many tubas on international tuba day!
for some reason the asphalt on part of a street near me gives your shadow a rainbow halo that moves with you... or my canonization has been approved...

JP Honk played for the Haley House Block Party today! Great cause. (Huh, maybe we should start mentioning this stuff ahead of time?)
Anyway here's the official premier of our new cover of "Ring of Fire" along with our "Hurricane Season" - EAT! MORE! KALE!

June 2, 2024


new music playlist may 2024

5 star:
* Unconditional I (Lookout Kid) (Arcade Fire)
If you want to get (at least!) a little bit verklempt about the relationship between grownups and kids this morning, this song is it. Great video as well

4 star:
* Portrait (Sasami Ashworth)
Lovely little heartstring tugger of a song from "Articles of Interest" podcast

3 star:
* Thunder Rumbles (The Cat Empire)
* Once I Had a Love (a.k.a.. The Disco Song) [Bonus Track] (Blondie)
* Dedicated to Hiroshi Yamauchi. 01 (Chip Tanaka/Acerola Beach )
* All the Small Things (blink-182)
* Mysteries We Understand (Sophie B. Hawkins)
* Limb By Limb (Phish)
* Chaal Baby (feat. Sunny Jain) (Red Baraat)
* Ya Mama (The Pharcyde)
* Dad's Yard (Catie Curtis)
* Eye of the Tiger (Walk Off the Earth)
* Vivaldi Winter Drill #2 (veneris)
* J.B. Shout (Fred Wesley and the J.B.'s)
This Monday morning JP Honk and some other folks from the HONK community were asked to add some energy to Boston City Hall raising a Pride Flag - got to hear from Mayor Wu, a bunch of city council people, and activists in the area. (For the raising itself we played "This Little Light" with a new extra verse "Raise This Rainbow Flag, Raise It High With Pride")

Happy Pride! Celebrate being who you are and loving who you love!

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security nightmares for fun and profit

Why is Microsoft so hell bent on making this security nightmare?

Like, even putting the security dangers aside, it's such a weird usability misthink (IMO; I'm sure some segment of users would appreciate it.) Like, you sort of need to embrace the ephemeral nature of day-to-day digital, and take steps to recognize what you want to preserve, and come up with a mechanism and structure that works for you to preserve it. Leaning on the computer playing "Little Big Brother" as a convenience feature is no way to live.

I think of parallel examples from a simpler age: bookmark managers. Every browser would like to be your main bookmark repository, since that increase the browsers value (and "stickiness") to you. But early on, I took the HTML page that Netscape Navigator was using internally to store your bookmarks (yes I'm old) and put that on my rented webspace. (yes I'm an old geek) Then I could use any browser at work or home and do my own conscious curation of what bookmarks were worth keeping.

(As an old geek aside: I am appalled at the universality of linkrot. A Good URL can and should live forever, us old school geeks thought, and I try to live up to that with my personal sites - but this seems to be an increasingly rare approach, and maybe one in fifteen links I have on my old 90s bookmarks page still works)

Similarly, a lot of product lines try to lure users with being able to pick up on one device where another one leaves off - like handing off from a phone's browser to the laptop or vice versa. I'm not a purist against cross-device sharing - I rely on Apple's shared clipboard fairly often - but making a "seamless" handoff seems like a fool's errand to me, and as likely to startle the user as to be helpful - they are different devices with different use modes, and when the need to transfer does occur.... I mean that's what URLs have always been for.

This isn't a black and white issue. There are some kind of "ease of use" features I depend on - like I don't usually need my browser to record my bookmarks, but I DO lean on autocomplete for website URLs pretty heavily, and if i switch to a completely new machine it's a pain in the butt for a few days. But recording all my activity via screengrabs (and recording lots of stuff as plain text?) What a disastrous mixup of "can" and "should", one of the most idiotic paths in the current AI arms race.

Interesting exercise tips for us olds.

one strap good, two straps bad

So I freely admit that my reluctance to use both straps with a backpack - because that was just tragically uncool in the late 80s - is ridiculous (counter arguments: a lot of backpacks properly worn make for a sweaty back)

But as I look at a "fanny pack" I had in a closet (part of my band outfit, especially useful when I was favoring a "sexy copy onesie" that had no pockets whatsoever) - I think about Men's "sling bags" which are like... reflecting a parallel prejudice? Like, hip bags/fanny packs are uncool. But put it over one shoulder? Kinda ok! (and I will ignore the whole genderization of purses thing)

That said I think a good courier bag wins out for looking ok and not sweating up your back - but it might not be enough to stash a hoody in.

June 6, 2024


June 7, 2024

new tuba bead set just in time for the big Pride weekend! a bit more percussive, durable, and fabulous than the previous mardi gras style throws.

June 8, 2024

My bass section compatriot ADubbs at the Boston Dyke March last night, a more real prelude to the more corporate Pride parade the next day


June 9, 2024


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waiting for Boston Pride
I love "The Commonwealth Requires the Education of the People as the Safeguard of Order and Liberty" on the BPL
At the Leftist Marching Band's 20th Birthday Party gig

June 10, 2024

The other day Connections taught me a black / "urban" colloquialism/euphemism: "feeling some type of way". (And here I thought the Connections editors were just being weirdly vague)

sage advice from self help singh

As either Denzel Washington, Cicely Tyson or some other fucker (google isn't sure) once said, "a uHaul does not follow the hearse."
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

Sometimes you have to reconcile the notion that your competency maxes out at a mere 3 out of 10.

What is important is not your score. What is important is that you understand that you still serve a purpose, even if that purpose is to make marginally average people look like fucking rocket scientists.
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

A car window shatters more easily when it is fully closed.

A window that is slightly open to world, is able to absorb sudden impact without shattering or cracking under the pressure.

Make what you will of this metaphor.

There is no wrong conclusion here.

Except, of course that you should leave your car window open during a rain storm.
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

Chasing after something or someone who has already demonstrated that they don't feel the same way, is like trying to sell oxygen to a person in a foreign language.

They are already getting the oxygen from somewhere or someone else, and they do not understand what you are talking about.
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

"Fool me once, Fuck you! Fool me twice, Fuck me!"
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

10 out of 10 betrayers are not strangers.
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

June 12, 2024

Why Russia is Happy at War from The Atlantic
Sometimes these conversations took a sudden prurient turn, like when a haphazardly tattooed psychology student with whom I'd been discussing SpongeBob SquarePants sent me an unsolicited photo of his confusingly shaped penis.

Three things a lot of techies think are cool that I don't:
  1. dark/night mode
  2. black/super-dark-gray as the best color for Macbooks
  3. shared passwords (like for wifi) in l33tsp34k. For people who have synesthesia or are generally more phonetic in their word processing than visual, l33tsp3ak sucks. "4" goes with "r" not "A", duh (I have a relic from my early childhood where I scribbled my name KI4K)

June 13, 2024

Got a new job! It's a hybrid role in Boston at a cool place called CodaMetrix.

I kind of dig being in an office space again at least some of the time. Yeah WFH has its pluses, but it also kinda turns your home into a bit of a prison.

Anyway, I wanted a new mouse and I bought this one from Amazon because of visibility and its goofy anime-influence styling (also now I realize its USB option makes more sense for my home setup than its BT modes - not sure about the LED stripe though). I kind of love that it has a typo "Compfortable"

June 14, 2024

Bump stocks!


Fuck this bought and paid for driving-for-theocracy SCOTUS, built by Republicans abso-fucking-lutely cheating, and getting tons of hither to undisclosed trips by big money donors.

Even Trump fucking knows it: 'Trump described bump stocks at the time as converting "legal weapons into illegal machines."'

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