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KHftCEA 2000-11.1 November
KHftCEA 2000-11.1 November

I am so sick of hearing about this election, especially since such a dumbkof like W has a chance of winning.  Is he even that likable?

Got a note from Lee, now safely in Phoenix.  Said the midwest was scary, especially Oklahoma, so I said that we should tell 'em if they don't get a clue they have to give their goddamn musical back.
My personal belief is that in 90% of the cases, whoever takes the "it's all or nothing" position, deserves to get the nothing
--Jose (JRDelirio) Diaz
"Now, I know I may not be the most likeable politician, but at least I'm not an idiot. Let's face it. My opponent doesn't even understand half the things I've claimed to have done."
--Joe Lavin 'quoting' Al Gore
"[Al Gore] want[s] the federal government to control Social Security like it's some kind of federal program."
--George W. Bush
When the ax entered the forest, the trees said, "The handle is one of us!"
--Turkish proverb
Today's election day.  Cast my votes along with Mo.  Finally these damn campaigns will be over with!  They said Gore had a last minute polling upswing, I'm pessimistic that it will make the difference since Republicans poll low.
And now it all comes down to a few hundred votes in Florida, even when Gore has the popular vote.  What a messed up system.
"I hate when people say they want a politician who doesn't act too much like a politician. What other career would you say that about? I want a doctor who doesn't act like a doctor?"
--Mo + Kirk
Lawyer and Small Convict:
"I've got a plan!"
"I'm going t'SNAP my fingers like a cricket!"
"What'll that do?"
"SOOTHE me like th'pines"
Big Convict and Small Convict:
"What's th'word?"
--Top of the World
Indeed, [the modern focus-group-based campaign] process becomes a virtual Rube Goldberg machine for locating that precise dead center.
--Lawrence Weschler on the Gore/Bush photofinish
"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."
-- Gandhi
As he lay on the floor a priest was sent for
and with his dying breath Johnny confessed
"I spent most of my money on women and wine
and like a fool I squandered the rest."
--Benny Hill, "Go 'Round Again"
And then we'll do it doggy style
So we can both watch "X-Files"
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
--"The Bad Touch", Bloodhound Gang
Just today I realized I'm being called a "consultant".  I sure ain't making consultant kind of money!
Lee's coming back early from the desert. That's good news.

Found out yesterday that pixeltime is defunct. E-mailed and ICQ'd with Ranjit, that was pretty cool.

I wonder if this will be the month KHftCEA only takes up one memo?
The trade secret of a happy marriage, according to a friend of mine who recently celebrated his 35th anniversary, is: "You behave as though you were in a crowded lifeboat: You respect the space of the others, you don't make any sudden moves, you thank heaven for every minute you're alive and you keep any disastrous thoughts to yourself."
--Mr. Blue
 Dear Theo,
Will life never treat me decently? I am wracked by despair! My head is pounding! Mrs. Sol Schwimmer is suing me because I made her bridge as I felt it and not to fit her ridiculous mouth! That's right! I can't work to order like a common tradesman! I decided her bridge should be enormous and billowing, with wild, explosive teeth flaring up in every direction like fire! Now she is upset because it won't fit in her mouth! She is so bourgeois and stupid, I want to smash her! [...]
--Woody Allen, If the Impressionists Had Been Dentists
"Do you like oral sex?"
--V, 95-12-31


It was considered good luck to pat [Donna LaDonna] on the privates. (wall painting)
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