Q: You're also involved in the Humanitarian Reform Movement.
A: I see you scanned my website. You worked really hard. Did you
listen to the record too?
Q: Yeah. And I watched the short film you made to accompany Ophelia, in
which you speak, like, four languages.
A: Five. Six, if you include English.
Q: Six languages? Are you showing off?
A: *Oy vay!*
Q: That's, like, a seventh language.
A: You're annoying me. It's like being interviewed by the biggest
snotty bullyboy in the world.
Q: It's just that you seem kind of serious. What do you do for fun?
A: I don't really have wacky momemnts. It's more of finding the humor
in people and situations. I don't wake up in the morning and say, I'll
be wacky today. What do you do to be wacky, Joel?
A: Ask annoying questions of female vocalists.
    --Joel Stein interviews Natalie Merchant
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