two schemes

August 9, 2001
Tonight Bush announces his decision on federal funding for stemcell research. Let's hope he doesn't screw up (hee hee, Ruben Bolling sums it all up)

Quote and Link of the Moment
I hope fox starts "a room with a bunch of knives and a pile of money"
This wish (from the KHftCEA) about all those "reality" shows is that much closer to being granted with a new show Danger Island-- convicts and manhunters on a big island... neat! It's still in the planning stages (hoping to get picked up by a network) so if you're a felon or a bounty hunter, there's still time to get on board! (via cruel site)

Quixotic Art
Wouldn't it be cool if we could get a bunch of people with laser pointers and paint a spot on the moon with light? They're aren't sure if it could actually work, but it's cool that they want to try. Maybe I'll join in. I remember wondering if I could signal aliens with an upward pointing flashlight at summercamp. With my luck I'd probably send the alien morse code for "Attack us! Please! We're barely post-nuclear with our technologies!" (but I'll fool them and upload a virus to their main computer with my buddy's Titanium Powerbook.)