shirt stories

November 7, 2001
from the T-shirt Archive: 23-25 of a Tedious Series
This is the final installment of this set of shirts, thank goodness.
I went to The Salvation Army's Star Lake Music Camp for a number of summers. This is a blue T featuring the main logo. It was a bit unusual as far as t-shirts go because it buttoned a little at the it still a t-shirt officially? Whatever.

From the same camp, the t-shirt for one particular year. Kind of generic.

Stonehenge, from the trip I took to the British Isles with my family. And a bunch of senior citizens. And a snotty canadian family. On a bus. 3000 miles. In two weeks. Did I mention I had mono? Anyway, a good shirt.

Raunchy Funny Adult Link of the Moment
Ok, only follow this link if you're not a kid and you're not easily offended. Some aspiring young woman claims to have made herself a "Trainer for Ladies". Lets just say it's a real hummer-dinger.