yummy salt

November 8, 2001
Backlog of the Moment
Pretzels vs. French Fries. Am I the only person who thinks of them as really similar, almost to the point of interchangeability? (I'm talking those big, thick, doughy pretzels, not the little tasty pretzel skeletons you get from a bag.) They're both salty hot snack foods, they both go well with mustard (ok, I'm a freak when it comes to french fries), when done well they both have a tougher coat outside and a softer inside. (In terms of commercial offerings, I prefer Burger King's crispy coating to those limp salt carriers you get from McDs.) Anyway. This thought has been on my 'to write about' list since June, and probably before then...Mo thinks I'm nuts when I tell it to her.

Link of the Moment
People doing ugly things to cars. Especially BMWs. Or wanting to make their cars look like BMWs. I just love the doubledecker spoilers in back...look at me I'm a biplane! I've seen those in real life, but they pale in comparison to the moose antlers of the first one on the page... (via camworld)

Quote of the Moment
And Mojo was hurt and I would have kissed his little boo boo but then I realized he was a BAD monkey so I KICKED HIM IN HIS FACE!