minus a muffler

November 9, 2001
Good Timing of the Moment
[Day after after a fender bender where the lady behind me decided the stop and go traffic should be more go than stop] "Yeah, it's so annoying with a car that's getting a little old. I mean, it's really tough to tell if that's a new sound going wrong, or just the same old stuff... [B-Pipe of exhaust disconnects on one end underneath car, resulting in various metallic scrapey sounds, as the engine gets loud since it's no longer connected to the muffler] ...I mean, it's so difficult to know..."
--Me to John Sawers, Nov 7 2001. $350 later and the car is ok. But I need some new tires in a bad way.

Link of the Moment
Everything2 trying to determine the single sickest joke ever... (PG13)

Quote of the Moment
"The bottleneck is not in technology, it's in art." --Penn Jillete