senses and sensibility

February 18, 2002
Science of a Previous Moment
This piece on Why surfing is like smelling, that we forage for information like other animals forage for food, caught my imagination back in August. (via camworld)

Interesting to compare its main point to this quote from the KHftCEA, "When I'm clicking through the hundreds of E-mail messages that await me each morning, sometimes I imagine I'm a mighty information whale, sifting through thousands of tiny (but nutritious!) krill bits. Yum!"

Idea of the Moment
This piece had high praise for Fred Bernstein's idea for a WTC monument; two horizontal bridges, representing (depending on your viewpoint) the towers' reflection, shadow, or the fallen towers themselves. (I think the last interpretation is a little cartoonish.) One would point to Ellis Island, the other to the Statue of Liberty. Actually, I think I liked the idea of making standing "Towers of Light" idea a bit better.