backlog flush #1

November 17, 2002
Dang it. I'm having backlog issues. In switching to a intraday update style, I have this huge backlog that's never going to get used, and prevents me from using the backlog tool properly. Most of it's not stellar, or else I would've used it already...but much of it is still worth looking at. So:

Link of the Moment
I saw a photo of one Michael Jackson removed his surgical mask in court recently, how the rumors of "his nose falling off" are true. Couldn't find a good link, then linked to a Photographic History of Michael Jackson's Face. Man. I feel sorry for the guy...he really has issues.

Political Jab of the Moment
"We've got to act fast! - Saddam's got weapons of mass destruction!"
"Does he intend to use them?"
"There's one way to find out!"