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September 8, 2003
Oy, yesterday was terrible for hometown fans in Boston...after way out slugging the Yankees in the previous two games, the Red Sox fail to sweep, losing 3-1, and the Patriots 4-0 preseason doesn't do much to mitigate their 31-0 defeat at the hands of Buffalo...I guess maybe giving them our old quarterback and losing a core defensive guy to them because of a contract dispute might not have been such a hot idea. Not to be too much of a fairweather fan, but I have a few feelings for Buffalo, they were the first team I ever started to root for, back when I lived in upstate New York.

Comic Panel of the Moment

--Also pointed out by Bill, this panel of powerful nostril superpowerness, from the short-lived comic Fly Man.

Computer Science Quote of the Moment
"A debugged program is one for which you have not yet found the conditions that make it fail."
--Jerry Ogdin

Video of the Moment
Via Bill the Splut, an 8bit look at D+D. This reminds me of some old promotional video for a video game...Diablo 2? Something...that took a similar look at the old gaming table.

Links of the Moment
Two links that complement each other in odd ways. The first is a Globe and Main rant by Sci-Fi author Spider Robinson about the long-term decline of Science Fiction, how it has been supplanted by Fantasy and a few Franchises with "Star" in their name. The second is a link I was previously planning to use, an interesting crossover people are making as a roleplaying game: SteamTrek. "Steam Punk" is a genre that extrapolates an alternate past where certain things are different, some technology problems were easier to solve in the 1800s or so than they were in our world, and a technology emerged that, to a modern person, seems like an odd blend of the unbelievably high-tech with the quaint and charming (like steam engines.) (Incidentally, The Difference Engine is a terrific book in that genre for any computer history literate geek , what if Babbage's computation devices were in fact engineer-able by the tool quality of the day, and inspired a Victorian London cultural revolution.) Anyway, Steam Trek has a British Aetherfleet exploring solar system full of aliens that is suspicously like the Star Trek galaxy. Some very clever stuff.