won too free for (all)

Quote of the Moment
People generally seem to want software to be free as in speech and/or free as in beer. Unfortunately rather too much of it is free as in jazz.
Janet McKnight, in the Usenet group uk.misc.
(For those who don't know, the speech/beer thing is geekspeak for discerning open source and liberty (ala 'as in speech') or closed source but no cost (free as in beer). This was an amusing take on the old expression that points out the problem with too many hobbyist projects...)

Quiz of the Moment
Although the "truly naughty" bits have protetective panels over them, prudes may wish to avoid the SeXXX or Something else Quiz, where you try to identify if a particular grimace comes from the subject "doing it" or...not.

Site Design Issue of the Moment
Sharp-eyed readers may notice loveblender.com has returned to the "features" section of the sidebar. It all comes back to, what is the point of the "features" section, and that's to draw people's attention to what I think they would find most interesting. (Which I do because I want them to associate my site with interesting stuff.) Loveblender.com, while less kisrael-y than the other bits, is overall pretty interesting, so up it goes.