can you hear me before now? good.

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March 18, 2004
Technology of the Moment
Kind of freaky NASA technology that hears words even before they are quite spoken...

Article of the Moment
Bill the Splut linked to an article on the stone heads on Easter Island and how the ecological devastation of the island might serve as a cautionary tale to us, assuming the general issues 'scale up', and I think they might.

Quote of the Moment
Semi-related quote: "There are two things I hate in this world: racial profiling, and Arabs on my plane."

Politics of the Moment
I kind of hate to admit it but I think has a much better hit rate (in terms of articles that I find worth reading) than I go to Salon, skim the contents, and just check out the cartoon or "Ask The Pilot". Anyway, Slate had this fairly damning overview of the latest round of political ads, and this story with a big list of actual graffiti from Iraq really gave me some new perspectives in what the people may be feeling least the ones who are willing to write on walls.

Shirts of the Moment
Josh at Salisbury Sales wanted me to mention a today-and-tomorrow only deal on white t-shirts $2.30/shirt for 50-100 shirts with a 1 color imprint. Like I said, making up custom T's can be a lot of fun.