phillybuster day 1

March 19, 2004
I'm off to release JoustPong at PhillyClassic 5! Back Monday. Meanwhile, I'll let you enjoy some quickies that have been clogging up my backlog, starting last August or so...

...but before I go, check out this chest of drawers I nabbed on my way into work Wednesday. Since it turns out that almost every damn piece of furniture with drawers in it was Mo's, I consider it a good score. And luckily I was driving my Aunt and Uncle's minivan, so I could lug it around, it's pretty hefty. I'm using it for videogames, one system per drawer works out about right.

Sitting on top is the ghetto stereo I also grabbed. I think the main piece is busted, but extra speakers can sometimes be fun for making excessively-speakered frankenstereos with. (One of the best stereos I ever heard just had a ton of speakers around a room, all scavanged.)

Any one got some great scavanging stories?

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