gadgets ahoy

March 26, 2004
Cool...JoustPong is now for sale at the AtariAge store. Seems to be selling pretty well, so if you want to get a version with the T-shirt, you better move quickly! It's kind of cool how you can type the name "JoustPong" into the AtariAge frontpage Title Search and...boom, there I am!

It was quite the day for electronics in general yesterday. Not only was JoustPong released, but on my way home I picked up this nifty thing for the PlayStation 2 called the EyeToy--a little camera that sits on top of the TV and lets you play goofy little games using your image, like fighting off all these little ninjas or keeping a virtual soccer ball from hitting the floor. I wanted to get one in time for my party, and the camera plus the disk of minigames was only the cost of a fullpriced game.

The othe thing I got was a Garmin StreetPilot 2610--a high-end-ish road GPS, so it has maps for everywhere around here, knows where you are, and even has a voice to tell you when and where to turn. We used one on the way down to Philly and is so soothing to have one in the car if you're driving in unfamiliar territory. I think just the stress reduction alone is worth it.

Obviously I don't want to make spending like that a habit, but what the heck. (Heh, and I got informed of a smallish raise yesterday, 2-3% or so, come to think of it.) Like I said before (about the iPod, ahem) "consumer electronics are the balm for this divorce stricken soul"...that's a weak excuse and I know it, but everyting I'm getting should have a positive impact on my life I think. The only other post-divorce splurge I'm thinking of is teeth whitening...

Popculture of the Moment
I think it's been around before, but 10 worst album covers of all time is yet another 'worst of' with a few giggles included.

Army Life of the Moment
The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army is long but good. The paragraph at the top mentions a few of the best, just check that out if you're in a hurry. (Actually, that site, "Avalanche Company" has some other cool stuff, so you might want to start clicking through if you have the time)