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So last night I met up with Sawers and Cordelia and went to see Grand Opening's annual amateur porn event "You Oughta Be In Pictures". It was...eh, ok. Some of the videos were pretty amusing, especially this one particularly intimate and zoomed in banana-meets-jelly-donut one. Also there was a neat one where this older cowgirl lady gets it on in the barn with her guy pal, and in a culture that seems to act as if sexuality ends at 27 or so, it's cool to see people enjying themselves.

The weirdest thing is that they make a big ceremony about destroying the tape after; it's weird because A. no one except the participants is really that concerned about doing that (though I guess there might be a 'once in a lifetime film' spin they're trying to get on it) and B. I don't know what video editing process went on to assemble the different videos, but I assume there could easily be scratch edit copies of everything floating around whatever studio they used.

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