Feh, turns out my proposed title of "mundane monday" was already taken.

Spent a lot of yesterday starting the 2600 Cookbook, a kind of reference for people trying to learn to program the Atari. I think the format has a lot of potential, but obviously, it's not of tremendous general interest to the assembled kisrael masses. I like the logo I came up with for it though, that's "Short Order Sam" from the Activision game "Pressure Cooker". Hopefully Activision won't move in...

Quote of the Moment
The sum of the Universe is zero.
Slashdot QotD. Not sure if it's true or not, but if not, why not?

Article of the Moment on those armed military contractors. They're our very own unlawful combatants! No Geneva Convention for these tough hombres!

Armed contractors for the Army...seems like we're hitting more of that "Robocop" distopia all the time.

Invention of the Moment
Idea for a fountain from the Gallery of Ingenious, but Impractical Devices (part of the larger The Museum of Unworkable Devices, mostly focused on perpetual motion machines.) Aesthetically pretty cool, but I wonder: were people expected to touch lips with it or not? If so, it would detract from the health benefits of it not being the shared drinking cup (which was a problem back in the day.)