dirty jokes from cartoon kids

So big day yesterday...I won an auction to get an Mac iBook at a good price, and I also got a bid on the house. Not a done deal, still gotta haggle over the price, but a very good sign.

Dirty Joke Link of the Moment
NOT SAFE FOR WORK. The page is layered with Porn ads, and the video itself is Cartman telling a REALLY raunchy but very funny joke: The South Park "Aristocrats" clip...Kyle's reactions are hilarious. I guess it ties into some upcoming Penn Jillette / Paul Provenza movie.

Site Update of the Moment
In order to prevent a repeat of the goofy faux pas I made yesterday on the comments section (I think I goit it subconsciously mixed up with my webmail system and typed the "recepient" rather than my own name in the blank for "name") I've fiddled with its UI a bit...now the textbox for your name comes after, mirroring where it shows up on the display. It definately works better for me, and since I leave more comments here than anyone, I guess that's a reasonable target, as long as it doesn't confuse everyone else.