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Annotated Doodles of the Moment
--I created this page of doodles during a company-wide business meeting...I recommend the technique of filling an entire page with small, non-repetitive doodles, it's very satisfying. Just to make my self-obsessive-geekness complete, I made it into an imagemap...hover the mouse over any doodle to find out what it is, or use the tab key to tab through each as a link and see its description in the status bar. (only tested in MSIE)

Webcomic of the Moment
Peterman introduced me to the webcomic Full Front Nerdity...3 guys (and a webcam) around a D+D table. I don't know if I'm ashamed or proud to say I've never actually role-played. Still, I read the books enough to understand this one and if you're in a hurry just check out this other one that ends with a potentially reusable "zinger".

Related Joke of the Moment
A fifth-level paladin drives his car to the repair shop.

He gets out and says to the mechanic "It's really weird. Normally I fight for justice and righteousness, but every time I get in this car I have this incredible urge to run over old ladies, drive way past the speed limit, and pick up hitchhiking demons. Can you help me?"

The machanic looks the car over and says "Yeah, I see what the problem is. Your alignment's off."
Lore, "a joke that come to [him] in a flash of dumb"

Explanation of the Moment
For the unitiated: both the first "this one" cartoon link and the joke deal with D+D's concept of "alignment". See this definition of the concept for an explanation.