is it live or is it memorex?

Transcript of the Moment
SERVER:Customer is waiting for Response...
KEVIN:Thank you for contacting H&R Block TaxCut® Technical Support. My name is Kevin.
KIRK: Hiya.
KIRK: Still reviewing?
KEVIN:I understand thatv you have a concern regarding entering the data for Form 5498S. Am I correct?
KIRK:I think so, though I don't see "S"
KEVIN:I can assist you with that.
KEVIN:Before we start let us confirm you have the most up-to-date version of the program. Can you click on the [Help] menu on the toolbar at the top, and then choose [About TaxCut] from the list of options? The Federal and State program versions will be listed on the screen that displays. Can you let me know what version numbers display?
KIRK:6402, STDC for the Federal
KIRK:MA Standard Version 2101
KEVIN:Thank you for providing the requested information.
KIRK: I'm also unsure about the "total IRA Basis."..I don't think I got any 8606s
KEVIN:Let me inform you that if you have enter all the information correctly in the interview section you can go ahead with e-filing your return.
KIRK: So for the total IRA Basis do I just add up the Traditional IRA totals and enter it?
KEVIN:We would not be able to assist you with this, you need to refer to the [Help Center] or contact your Tax Advisor as they would be in a better position to assist you.
KIRK:you're kidding me
KIRK:you're software is so bad, i need to spend $20 and talk to someone else?
KEVIN:Do you have any further questions for me today?
KIRK:It really doesn't make sense that the "Get Ready" screen talks about Form 5498, but nothing in the built in help does
KIRK:And it's not mentioned in the interview
KEVIN:Let me inform you that you can also review your return from the professional review in H&R Block.
KIRK:So are you a robot, or just selecting pre-written responses from a list?
KEVIN:Please be inform that you are chatting with the live person.
KIRK:All right, thanks anyway.
KEVIN:Thank you for chatting with us today. H&R Block values you as a TaxCut® customer and looks forward to serving as your tax and financial partner in the future.
SERVER:Agent has closed chat session.
--I'm still not 100% convinced that was an actual person. I wouldn't recommend TaxCut, btw...its interview kind of skipped enter all these 1099s I got, I had to be a little too proactive to get it right. And they plugged extra services way too much. Bleh.