damn camps!

May 29, 2005
So one of my favorite little games is whenever I'm drinking something and it goes "down the wrong pipe", to followup my coughing and sputtering with a whisper-croaked "smoooth!", as if I were a teenager trying to be blasé about the whisky he has just tried for the first time. I mean, I really enjoy this little game, not quite enough to purposefully try and choke on liquids but enough so that I'm not at all unhappy when I do.

I've found out there's a similar game in Russia, where if you have a coughing spell (as opposed to choking on liquid) you can say "damn workcamps!" as if you were sentenced to hard labor at a Soviet Siberian workcamp and now had TB. Ksenia told me her friend Efem taught it to her then 4-year-old brother, and it was the cutest thing in the world when he'd cough and then try to say it.