"i am a human from earth, this is where I live."

May 30, 2005
Game Review of the Moment
This Eath game amuses me. I enjoy flying the little space ship, although it could not possibly work without a Quantum Juxipostulator. Much like any typical human, I had a highly enjoyable time figuring out the most efficient route through this basic simulator. I completed the challenge in but 36.92 nano-krumlacs. After playing the game, I ate a typical Earth meal consisting of steak with chocolate syrup, and a refreshing glass of Windex. Then I returned to my place of employment, where a man asked me, "Why are you here?" To which I replied, "I am a human from Earth, this is where I live." Then he said, "No, why are you here in the building? It is midnight, and I am the night janitor." I am glad he did not ask me about space, because I know nothing of that. I have no home among the stars! I know nothing of the planet Quuallic 9, home of the Parliament of Universal Harmony. I have certainly never been there, for I am from Smalltown, Canada. I will not speak of such things any longer. Instead, I will speak of this game. It pleases me. I score it 12 quannularcs.

--Klaaitalc, the Human Gamer, reviewing "Star Wars: Dengar Strike III: The Search for Nien Nub" in "GameInfarcer", Game Informer's April Fool's special.

I enjoy that whole "Alien badly pretending to be human" schtick...for a while I was playing the videogame "NHL Hitz" with my cousins, and my character was "Klaatu"...a 7 foot tall "human" who was breaking through Hockey's gender barrier, fondly recollecting her girlhood in Philadel
PHIa...good times.

Quote of the Moment
"You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills."
--Napoleon Dynamite, via "R" pentomino's LJ...a half-remembered version of this line has been in my head for a few weeks now.