June 13, 2005
Snark of the Moment
Piercings and tatoos say something about a person. What they say varies, just like with any art, but many of them say "I'm angry and I make bad life choises." Those are the ones I'd avoid in IT.
--"egarland" in this slashdot article on whether body mods are a drawback for IT jobs. The quote is a little bit reactionary, and poorly spelled, but funny. (Reminds me of the guy saying "I like gals with tattoos...women not afraid to make a decision they'll regret later.")

Ramble of the Moment
So for a while I've had this thought that I can't criticize anything my parents, or any of my ancestors did, up to the time I was conceived, since there'd be a good chance of me not being here. After that time, however, it's all fair game for second-guessing.

I mentioned this at Sawers' farewell bash and extended bullsession, and someone pointed out that this kind of attitude could be extended for everyone, that if no one in the world carried a grudge against anything that happened before they were born (otherwise, like the flapping of butterfly wings causing a hurricane, they might not be here) then there might be a lot more peace in the world.

It's not how people actually think or act but it's a nice thought, limiting your grudges at LEAST to things done in your lifetime.