chicken in the car and the car won't go (backlog flush #53)

June 21, 2005
In Chicago for some technical training...I might be around online, but here's a good chance to clear out some of the backlog...

Sidebar people...feel free to fill in the lack of witty wry observational and situational humor by making some dang sidebars already!

UPDATE: So it turns out my hotel in the City of Broad Shoulders (a suburb thereof; the Suburb of Narrow Hips, perhaps) has WiFi in every room, so I'm pretty connected.

Anyone have any suggestions for the must-sees of Chicago? I realize everything I know about what to see comes from the movie the Blues Brothers (i.e. the Picasso statue..I think my fondess for white T-shirts with B+W photos on 'em came from a shirt I had of that) and the controversy about the Bean in Milennium Park.

Finally, I realize it's less "witty wry observational and situational humor" that I look for in the sidebar and more anecdotes, pointless or pointed...