more troubles

Oy, terror in London. I guess what I find most distrubing about it is, in general, London is pretty careful about this stuff, after years of "The Troubles" and the IRA.

Distraction of the Moment
If you like your nudity tiny, low-rez, and plentiful, BoingBoing linked to 500 nude sunbathers in one 1024*768 shot, ready for use as desktop wallpaper.

Also, here for no other reason than it lightly amuses me, Bush runs his bike into a Scottish policeman.

Current Events Commentary of the Moment
The natural state of the English is a kind of gloomy diligence, which is why they do so well in hard times. In 1940, Londoners went dutifully on with their business while the Luftwaffe bombed the hell out of them. Today, most of them are doing the same. I was in Washington for 9/11, and the whole city went into a panic. Offices emptied, stores shut, downtown D.C. became a ghost town. But in London today, everyone still has a cell phone clutched to their ear. The delivery vans are still racing about, seeking shortcuts around all the street closures. The Starbucks is packed.
This kind of thing strengthens my distrust and, frankly, hatred of Fundamentalist religion. People who follow the liberal religious outlook think that their meta-belief might encompass pretty much every outlook, but it really doesn't; any belief system that mistakes faith for fact and acts accordingly is the enemy of the Moderates' viewpoint.