dream a little dream

Very strange dream last night...there's some kind of 2-bus tour group travelling around the USA with the pope, and I'm on it...except I'm one of a small group who has to stop the three suicide bombers. The good guys have some kind of x-ray to see the vests of explosives the three are wearing....and one of the three is my girlfriend from high school, "Randi". (In the dream I ask if she still goes by that name like she did in high school, rather than her given name, which caused everyone to do a bad Sting impression and tell her that she don't have to put out the red light.) The funny thing is, at one point I don't even need the X-ray information to know she's one of the bombers, her tanktop is riding a little low in front and I can see the blue roll-of-coins-like explosives right there. I remember trying to think of a way of stopping them without having to take the blast myself.

Idea of the Moment
I've been stuck at my current weight for way too long...I had an increase around the holiday season of 2003 and I'm cruising at about 20 pounds more than I had been for some years before that. I'm thinking about seeing if bribing myself works; I've been on the fence about getting a new PC, so maybe I can say "lose 10 pounds and you get to buy the PC, lose the next 20 and we'll think of something more". I dunno, can that work? Along side my mantra of "I'm just tired of being this heavy".

Geekery of the Moment
They said it couldn't be done...they said it shouldn't be done...but Fred Quimby is starting work on a BASIC compiler for the Atari 2600...it takes programs written in a very specific subset of BASIC and converts it into the assembly code needed to make a game that can run on an actual Atari. I'm trying to figure out how I can help this effort...to make truly impressive games you need to work at lower levels, but this idea has a ton of potential, helping newbies get started and all that.

UPDDATE: Actually I've started making the Semi-Official Batari BASIC homepage...check it out!