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um, well, guns do kill people, actually

November 2, 2005
Quote of the Moment
"I don't know. I can't answer that yet. I'm too busy. I'll have to talk to you later."
--Howard Unruh, America's First Single Episode Mass Murderer, in response to "why are you killing people?". James Glieck mentioned his phone response to a newspaper editor who tried calling him where he was holed up...Glieck was pointing out how the phone just demands attention, even when we're engaged in a standoff with guns and teargas, though after reading that description of Unruh, I don't think he's representative. (He's also still alive and in an institution...he's one of the first really known cases of post-traumatic stress disorder.)

Doodle of the Moment
--Venus Flytrap. I've been playing around with a new cartoon digital art technique, drawing the outline with a thick brush and then using the same tool to "paint" in the color manually. (I made up the "style" while using this Palm Pilot app that didn't have "fill".) I keep thinking I should go back to early kisrael's use of random cartoons...I guess I kind of stopped when I started putting up those dumb t-shirt pix.

Observation of the Moment
Looking at today's, one year ago today was the presidential election. Seems like longer than that somehow.

S'funny that only now are a lot of people waking up to how bad so much of our national policy has been for the last 5 years. Who knows, maybe if Kerry hadn't been such a limp dishrag.

Essay of the Moment
Slashdot linked to a Slate essay on Star Wars as Postmodern, self-referential art. The central idea is that the Force is a stand-in for the artistic drive; the light side is the more free, muse-driven style, the dark side is the more cold and calculating approach. Interesting idea. (Hmm, though someone on the slashdot discussion points out the argument is severely weakended by how the Jedis are always instructing each other to control their emotions, and the Sith are all about tearing up the place with anger.)

.... #9 .... #9.... #9 ....

November 2, 2004
Wow, I can't believe that today is election day. Between all the sports history being made around here and the way I haven't been watching TV, I've been exposed to very little campaigning...Howard Stern rooting for Kerry, Sports Talk Radio guys rooting for Bush, and a smattering of annoying radio spots. (The Kerry one was kind of stupid, how "The Saudi Royal Family appreciates your support when you're at the pump, and also the support of the Administration"--it kind of implies everyone is GUILTY for filling up...and then there's John McCain saying he knows Kerry and Bush and he's with Bush on this one, for all the tough decisions he's made, even though I think he's made some of the wrongest damn decisions this side of El Paso.)

I'll spare you the "so get out there and vote people!" rhetoric. Hell, barring surprise upsets, I think everyone not in a swing state is half-disenfranchised anyway thanks to the Electoral College. The main reason for a Kerry backer to vote in Massachusetts is so the Republicans don't pull any fast ones, and also so that the overall popular vote gets tabulated, not that it matters.

Cultural Insensitivity of the Moment
At the risk of sounding antisemitic and generally insensitive to the religous beliefs of other cultures, I still want to say that Sabbath mode on fridges and stoves for Orthodox Jews still strike me as a rather worldview.

Alarming Story of the Moment
A boingboingn story on a Santa Clara voting machine saying
Vote Save Error #9
Use The Backup Voting Procedure
Awesome. Faulty technology is screwing with our democracy. Not as badly as the whole electoral college crap, but still. BoingBoing has another story on how hard it is to do a paper ballot there.

Quote of the Moment
"I don't think Osama bin Laden sent those planes to attack us because he hated our freedom. I think he did it because of our support for Israel, our ties with the Saudi family and our military bases in Saudi Arabia.
You know why I think that? Because that's what he fucking said!
Are we a nation of 6-year-olds?"
--David Cross. I gotta say, that "hates freedom" line was always the lamest kind of thinking. Jihadists might resent our social freedoms, but then again our own religous fundies aren't crazy about them anyway.

Article of the Moment
Too late to make a difference in the electin, the Nation presents 100 Facts and 1 Opinion about the Bush administration.

pass the peas, honey

November 2, 2003
Lyric of the Moment
i eat my peas with honey
i've done it all my life
it makes the peas taste funny
I have this kind of fetish thing about legumes dipped in sticky substances
--I was bugging some of my AIM buddies with this. Few of them thought my twist of an old rhyme was as amusing as I apparently did.

Images of the Moment
Blurred up enough to not be very stimulating, some guy put all the playboy centerfolds together into 4 lumpy images, each image is the "mean average" of all the centerfolds from that decade. Worth the 5 seconds or so it takes to get the idea and move on, that's all.

Joke of the Moment
Q: How many people belonging to a certain ethnic group does it take to perform a particular menial activity?
A: A finite positive integer. One to perform the activity, and the rest to behave in a manner stereotypical of their ethnic group!
--David Albert on rec.humor.funny.reruns

Shirts of the Moment
I just made a new Blender Digest...and I'm plugging some shirts I'm going to have made. I'm not sure which design we're going to go with yet, but hop on over and let me know if you're interested in getting one of these fine piece of apparel.

with a little help from my friends

November 2, 2002
So Ranjit rightfully pointed out that he has a strong claim for the original inspiration for gamebuttons after I had made the original 4 non-interactive animations as this May 22 AIM chat shows: (he also later came up with the brilliant term "dashteroids".)
ranjit: i wonder if pong could be made into a real game? using ' - and , for ball, or something, P b and þ for paddles...
kirk: what the hell is that last letter?
ranjit: Icelandic lowercase thorn.
kirk: sounds like the name of an art band
ranjit: heh heh

Link and Ramble of the Moment
Geeks and the Online Aliases they choose. If you're in a hurry, just check out mrcurtain's story or the story of the Dans from crisper's tale.

I've never been big into choosing evocative aliases. Most often I stick with my unix username "kisrael"...for example, this site.

On AIM I use "kirkjerk" (a name that I started using in 1997 on a great online car-race-with-guns Death fit the style of that game as well as its 8-character limit.) though I've also used "kirkamundo" and "thegreatkirkini". In videogames now I'll use "kirkles" if there's enough room, or "KRK" if it's just initials(I used to always sign games "Z", which now strikes me as pretentious)..."Kirkles" has a history of its own, in high school, friends would tease me and my then girlfriend Lynn by imagining us murmuring "Oh Lynnie-Poo" "Oh Kirkles". (I was always bummed that that friend Mike "Woodchuck" Witczak ended up with the more pedestrian nickname "Mookie" when he went to college.)

There are many interesting names used on the loveblender, though there I'm just "Kirk, Blender-Keeper". I have to admit I remember people who post good stuff and have an interesting alias more than people who just post good stuff.

lay off the layoffs already

November 2, 2001
Oy. Layoffs at work. Not for me or my project, and possibly I'm in ok shape. Still it's so draining and anxiety producing. Especially combined with the plans to buy a house that Mo and I are starting to act on.

In other news, albeit lame news, I've decided to start working on my backlog of links and quotes, in chronological order rather than the last in, first out method I usually use.

Video of the Moment
Golden Shower Productions (with the domain, never seen a .gs domain before) made a terrific Atari themed music video. So many cultural references, from the main character's fro to the Matrix (of course) to a plethora of old Atari 2600 games. Plus a nice little techno tune...check it out.

Mixed Metaphor of the Moment
(although I like to think of it as just Granny letting a couple pompous idiots talk themselves into a hole before she pulls it out from under them)
--"Chris McCubbin" in alt.books.pratchett via
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KHftCEA 1998-11 November CB

I'm feeling very distracted today and I'm not quite sure why.  It's tough to get much of anything done.
KHftCEA 1998-10 October CB

If penises could walk and talk, the circumcised penis would be a suit and tie, a clean shave and a shoulder-high salute. The intact penis would be a rumpled shirt, a five o'clock shadow and a finger flipping you the bird.
--Debra S. Ollivier

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