the power of a swedish library card

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February 24, 2006
Old News of the Moment
This weekend, nine people, including a homosexual, an imam, a journalist, a Muslim woman and a gypsy, will be available at the Malmoe Library (in Sweden) for members of the public to "borrow" for a 45 minute conversation in the library's outdoor cafe.
--Actually from last summer, as reported in this USAToday article. Such a nifty idea!

In other news I've been meaning to post, life in Al Qaeda is surprisingly mundane. Well, I guess at least an organization so out to make martyrs doesn't have to worry about a good retirement plan, but they do have vacations and sick days.

Tool of the Moment
I made another specialty tool, blackspace. Kind of like some of the other tools it's basic text manipulation... in this case, return whatever text you enter into it with all the blank (whitespace-only) lines stripped out. (I was working with the output source of a coldfusion script with tons of gratuitous linebreaks, so needed a way of clearing them out.)

Again, not changing the world with sheer usefulness, but makes my life a bit easier at the moment and in the future, at least if I remember that it's there. I like it more than she does, it seems.