March 30, 2006
Hey, is it just me, or are spammers suddenly into telling you about their "new email address"? I guess it's some scheme to get around filtering, though if it helps get past digital filters, or just is something a human might recongize as previously usually coming from a human, specifically a human they'd had corresponded with previously...

Random thought experiment, how long will it take all the "I have a new email address!" spam to catch up the number of emails that legitmately used that? Maybe a while, since you see that on a lot of business corespondance, but still.

Orgy of the Moment
--I really loved this not TOO explicit orgy scene from the Perry Bible Fellowship "Cupid Mistake".

Article of the Moment
FoSO fwd'd this article reiterating the idea that more money doesn't equal more happiness, and little details of daily life (like, having a shorter commute) are more important than sheer salary size. I'm not quite sure what the action item on this is for me though.