technolusted in my heart

May 24, 2006
I have technolust in my heart for the Fujitsu Lifebook P1510D. I have mixed feelings about such dinky laptops, this one is about the size of one of those "portable DVD viewers" (ironically they leave the DVD drive external), but combined with the way the screen pivots around and is a touchscreen... oh mama! I've always dreamed of being able to doodle on something like that. The Palm has that a bit, but the canvas is too small (and the touchscreen too jittery.)

The trouble is, it's really hard to justify especially since the main justification seems to be "well maybe this will get be back into doodling on" (I was also considering getting a new Palm TX with wifi, so getting doodles onto the site might be that much easier...IF there was the right software for it, but I'm not sure that there is) It would be 2 or 3 times more than the desktop I just got, and twice my current laptop. (And it costs less than that review states) All that for what is basically a gimmick, though it also seems more stowable...

I knew I was in trouble when I caught myself thinking "well who could benefit from my old laptop if I got this new one", meaning my brain was starting the gearworks of justification. My current thought is this: I'm getting really concerned about my weight. Could something like this be a suitable motivation for losing 20-25 pounds?

Bleh. Given that I'm so on the fence with it, and that its cost seems pretty steep for what it offers, I should probably not give in on this. I should try to lose the weight though.

(Or what about that sub-$100 3rd world laptop? Some folks are trying to get them to sell them to folks in richer countries for $300, which would then buy 2 for the target audience...)

Toy of the Moment
Remember those Photomosaics that took over the "Magic Eye" throne in the late-90s? Here's a neat toy using that idea for infinite zoom-in. It's too bad it doesn't use a variety of photos for each pixel color though.