that was the day

I see Amazon now has a way of categorizing past purchases as gifts, and for whom. Great! Now maybe it'll stop sending me completely inappropriate reading recommendations.

The UI for it, though, as so much of Amazon, is extremely poor. Even stuff like... I know it has a concept of me being logged in, and I want to login to take advantage of some of that, but I cannot find a simple "login" link. I have to try to figure out what activity will most require a login, and start that, and wait for it to realize that I have yet given it my credentials.

Plus, and this may always be a thorn in my side... if you're going to let people assign "priority" to their wishlist items, make that the damn default sort, at least when other people are viewing it!

Photos of the Moment
Always surprising to see a parade outside the front door:

News of the Moment
Is it just me or does the real life "fight club" sound really really retarded? And odd that it's "techies" in particular.

Science of the Moment
Personally, I hope we do start growing meat in vats. I've been interested ever since reading about "Chicken Little" in "The Space Merchants", a giant chick heart slab they'd skim meat off of for people to eat. It seems a lot more humane. I wonder if they can put some effort into faking an environment so that it has some of the finer qualities that good grass-fed freerange cows have.

Geekness of the Moment
Note to future self, when you're on windows and trying to see what ports are being listened to, "netstat -a" is the command for you.